Need help adding students to your Alcohol101+ organization? Read this documentation or watch the video below.

Note: Regardless of which option you choose to invite students to Alcohol101+, they will be sent an email with instructions on how to proceed. Make sure to remind students to check their spam and junk folders for email from if they have not received an invite or registration instructions.

On the My Students page, click the Roster Students button in the upper right hand corner. Here you’ll see three options for rostering students: Import Students from a CSV, Add Students Individually, and Have Students Self-Register.

Three rostering options

Import Students from a CSV:

CSV import

Click the Download our CSV template link under “Step 1”. This will download a CSV to your computer where you can input student data into predefined fields.

Once you have completed adding student data to the CSV template, upload the saved file under “Step 2” on the same page.

You can now submit the CSV of students for import with the Import Students button under “Step 3”. Once submitted, you’ll be redirected to the My Students page where you should see your list of newly rostered students.

When students are added, they will receive and email from welcoming them to the course.

Adding Students Individually:

Add new student pane

Selecting this option opens up a pane that displays students you intend to invite to an Alcohol101+ course. Additionally, you are given the options to set a due date for student account registration and to select a school year for a group of students in a given Alcohol101+ course.

Clicking the Add Students button in the top right corner of this section will open a form where you can input information for a single student. Once you have finished entering that student’s information click the Add New Student button.

Add students individually section

Important: The students listed under the Add Students Individually section HAVE NOT been invited to the course yet.

You can continue adding students to a course with the Add Students button. Once you have finished adding the students you’d like to invite click the Invite Students button at the bottom of the section. You’ll be redirected to the My Students page where you should be able to see all of the recently invited students.

After the student has been invited, they will receive and email from welcoming them to the course.

Allow Students to Self-Register:

Selecting this option will display an invite link unique to your organization. (e.g. The only thing you need to do for students to register with this link is to share it with them.

Selt-register invite link

Students with access to the self-registration link will be taken through the Student Self-Registration process.

Note: You are able to restrict signup to users whose email address comes from a specific domain name. (e.g. only users with an email address ending in are allowed to register for an account.) You can change this setting on the My Organization page under the User Portal section.